Understanding the foundation on which they stand, ScatterGrass has remained close to the traditions which have shaped all of the sounds, songs and instruments throughout time, sounds that you still hear in today's music here and throughout the world.  Inspired by musical growth and understanding, ScatterGrass is a deeply rooted, original group which also maintains traditional values and believes they are pioneers of the future.  And as much as they love to show-case their originals, you can find them just about anywhere kickin' anything from Jimi to Vassar.  While their wooden instruments resonate out to the music Gods, they are always looking for a place, wherever they are, for their souls to connect with their creative spirits.  ScatterGrass knows the importance of mixing it up with their friends as they bring their different talents to the stage. They enjoy spreading classic Blues & Rock, performing original songs they soulfully hand to you on a bed of Grass.   But for the most part, their originals are the main food for the heart of this band.  In the creative spirit, the mind is the soil in which the seed of song is planted.  Nurtured and cultivated, it grows and brings health and happiness to all who understand the growth of life and how we are all deeply connected.  One at a time, each of these seeds are sowed. Then, with all the songs together, they tell stories of anyone's lives. Some of the stories are true and some are not so true, but they all are real.  As ScatterGrass sows the seeds of songs, they must be cultivated as a farmer would tend his crops.  For without the fertilization of dance and celebration, these seeds cannot sprout and grow.  So please come help us create song and reap the harvest of what we all live and work for.